Dart frogs

We have just moved around some of our dart frogs and have put two stunning species on display in the Discovery Room.

Below is a picture of one of our blue and black dart frogs; they are amongst the largest, boldest and most colourful of all the dart frogs.

The bright yellow frog below goes by the latin name Phyllobates terribilis, and wild specimens are amongst the most poisonous animals on the planet.  Found only in the rainforests of Colombia, these endangered frogs are able to secrete toxins from their skin.  It is believed that the toxins are obtained from their diet, which consists mainly of ants and beetles. In captivity they are fed on insects such as fruit flies and small crickets, so captive-bred animals have little or no toxicity.

Finally, we have the sky-blue dart frog (Hyloaxlus azureiventris), these are often referrred to as a thumbnail species due to their small size, adults reach just 2.5cm in length. In the wild they are only found in Peru, and loss of habitat has led to them being listed as endangered. Our group were bred in Britain in 2011 and we are hoping they will breed for us later this year.


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