Bumblebees have been busy collecting nectar and pollen from flowers around the park.

Bumblebee with its tongue showing

They have a long tongue which they use to drink nectar from the flowers and the pollen is brushed from their furry bodies into pollen baskets on their back legs.  The pollen is taken back to the nest where it is used as food for their young.

Pollen being carried in pollen baskets on leg

They are able to carry 50% of their own bodyweight.

Unlike honeybees only the queen bumblebees survive the winter, so each spring they have to start a new colony.

Bumblebee collecting pollen

As bees move from flower to flower they unknowingly transfer pollen so pollinating the plants. It is estimated that a third of all the food we eat comes from plants pollinated by bees.

There are 25 species of bumblebee in Britain.


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  1. good to see some bumblebees – we are filling our yard with purple hues to attract them they seem to love the lavender. I’ve also planted a box up with wildflower seeds from the coop as part of its bee campaign. Great pictures

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