Kookaburra chicks

This as you might guess from its heavy looking beak is a kookaburra chick. This year our kookaburras hatched all three of their eggs and are being assisted in the feeding of the chicks by a youngster from last year; in these birds it is common for young from previous years to help with the rearing.

Kookaburras are a member of the kingfisher family but rather than feeding on fish these woodland birds eat small mammals, lizards, spiders and even snakes, which are often killed by being bashed on a branch.

There are four species of kookaburra all of which make the famous laugh-like call that is used to mark their territory.



  1. That’s an amazing photo of the Kookaburra chick, how old is it and how long until they get feathers? Are the holes on the side of the head ears?

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