Will You Be Able To Spot A Chameleon?

Today we introduced a male and two female Johnston’s chameleons into one of the large vivariums in ‘Weird & Wonderful’. The male is easy to identify as he has three horns on his head which he uses to fight other males.


We have had these lizards off show for a while to give to ensure they are all feeding well.; during this time one of the females has laid eggs, which we have in an incubator but as with most reptile eggs the incubation lasts for a long time, so they aren’t due to hatch until October (if they are fertile).

Chameleon eggs

Chameleons are famous for many things from their strange eyes to their long tongues but are probably best known for changing colour. Their  colouring is influenced by environmental conditions such as temperature and light levels but is also used to display to other chameleons.

More about these amazing reptiles soon.


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