Goat meeting report


As I blogged recently the nature centre hosted the English Goat Breeders’ Association AGM. Here is my colleague Sandra Castle’s account of the day:

The meeting was well attended with members travelling from all areas of the country, some making a weekend of it by staying overnight locally.

The day started with light refreshments and a social get together in the classroom. This also gave those members whose sat navs had sent them the long way round time to arrive.

As a new member had been elected to the role of registrar and herd book keeper a goat assessment training session, using our kids, was held after the AGM. Before a goat can be registered with the association, an inspection complete with photos has to take place to confirm the breed standard has been reached. This is a demanding but rewarding role which entails a lot of work and happily all our assessed kids reached the desired standard.

An inspection was also carried out on our billy, Jereboam, as he is maturing into a magnificent looking animal. The association likes to record the development of billies to ensure the standard remains high.

Following on from the herd inspection members took a tour of the nature centre and walled garden.

The day was considered a success with members enjoying the chance to meet with other goat owners and see the nature centre’s animals.


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