Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula

Brazilian salmon pink tarantula

Our Brazilian salmon pink tarantula (Lasiodora parahybana) was cleaned out today, which gave me the opportunity to get some close up photos of her.

Hairs on the tarantula's abdomen
Hairs on the tarantula’s abdomen

In the wild this species is only found in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil and is one of the largest species of spider. They can have a leg span of over 20cm and weigh 100g.

Tarantula head showing eyes
Tarantula head showing eyes

They spend the day hidden in burrows or under logs and emerge at night to hunt on the forest floor for insects, amphibians and small reptiles. These spiders have even been known to feed on venomous snakes.


Although they posses a large pair of fangs their first line of defence are the hairs which they can flick from their abdomen; these hairs are covered in tiny barbs which cause severe irritation when they come in contact with skin or eyes.

Brazilian salmon pink tarantula

We have had this spider since she was a spiderling measuring less than a cm, as you can see from the pictures she is rather larger than that now. She is very bold and so is generally easy to spot in the ‘Weird & Wonderful’ display.


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