The Annual Stock Take

Counting stick insects

We have just carried out our annual stock take, a requirement of all zoo licensed premises.

Obviously we keep a track of births, deaths, arrivals and departures throughout the year but this January inventory pulls all this data together. It is easy to know how many cows, ponies and ibis we have but counting smaller species such as guppies, cockroaches and stick insects can be trickier and takes a little while.

Counting these sheep didn't send Sandra to sleep
Counting these sheep didn’t send Sandra to sleep

 This year’s count came to:

 A total of 1,057 animals, consisting of: 

12 species of invertebrates  

20 species of fish

14 species of amphibian

15 species of reptile

138 species of bird

17 species of mammal

Cow keen to help count

Amongst these 216 species were:

2 species listed as extinct in the wild (both fish – red-tailed black shark and the butterfly split-fin)

8 critically endangered species (axolotl, golden mantella, Annam leaf turtle, Utila spiny-tailed iguana, Edwards’ pheasant, Laysan teal, Baer’s pochard and bald ibis)

4 endangered species

17 vulnerable species

14 Near-threatened species

2 domestic breeds, the Boreray sheep (critical) and British lop pig (vulnerable) listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist of native breeds

Counting fish


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