Introducing Kasem


Kasem is our male Asian short-clawed otter. He had been living with his parents at Longleat Safari Park but the move to the nature centre will, hopefully, allow him to start his own family with an unrelated female who should be arriving next week.

When he was born at Longleat on the 19th of July 2010 he weighed less tha 60g but he now he tips the scales at 4.5kg.

He is fed several times a day and receives a varied diet that includes mice, shellfish, chicks, mince, insects, eggs, fruit, fish and even peanuts!

Since his arrival on Tuesday he has been getting bolder all the time and is now spending most of the day out searching for food and exploring his enclosure. Today, he has been busy tearing up sedges to add to the straw in his nestbox.


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