An update featuring meerkats

Apologies for the long gap between posts, things were hectic in the build up to the Easter holidays and we have been extremely busy even after the children have gone back to school.

Sentry duty

I’ll post updates on the otters, nesting birds and some spring births in the next few days but I thought I’d better post about the meerkats.

Keeping watch

A male and two female meerkats arrived in January and were introduced into their on-show enclosure on Good Friday, where they have proved to be incredibly popular with visitors.


Soon after their arrival one of the females became pregnant and gave birth on 18th of April. Meerkat babies are born with their eyes closed and have very little fur, however, they grow quickly and the pups have already started to make brief appearances at the entrance to their nest box.

Where's that mealworm?

Yesterday, they were given access to their outdoor area for the first time and while one kept watch the other two were busy hunting for food and making regular trips back to the box to check the youngsters.



  1. Looks as though the meekats will be a good success – keep up the good work. Hope to come and see them soon

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