Bird update

Newly hatched bald ibis

After a slow start the bird breeding season is well underway. Several species already have chicks, including kookaburras, spreo starlings and bald ibis. I am especially pleased to have ibis chicks as we haven’t bred any for a few years but the arrival of three young males from Harewood House in Leeds appears to have paid dividends as there are currently chicks in two nests and an another pair are still incubating. Bald ibis or Waldrapps, as they are sometimes known, are critically endangered with a small population and limited range. Our birds are part of co-ordinated European breeding programme.

Bald ibis chicks

Species on eggs range from hooded mergansers and azure-winged magpies to blue-headed pionus and chattering lories.

Kookaburra chicks

Meanwhile, others are still nest building, the most obvious of these are the white-crested laughing thrushes who always seem to be carrying around twigs.

Kookaburra chick


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