Meerkat baby pictures

Meerkat pups

Here are some pictures of our three baby meerkats when they were about a month old.

Baby meerkat

4 week old meerkat

Now aged seven weeks they look very much like small versions of their parents. They are completely weaned and their mum is likely to have another litter in a month or so.

The three pups



  1. So so cute and gorgeous, it was such a privilege and a joy to meet them a couple of weeks ago. Have they got any names yet, other than young Stumpy of course?! Cathy xxx

  2. Hi there -We have just come back from the Netherlands where the photos of the girl twins helping to feed the Meerkats got so much attention do not be surprized to have a fan club in The Netherlands. Thank you so much for this rare chance to see and interact with these much-loved Tilgate Meerkats :-). It may even be an idea for us to get the children in Africa to take a look at this next time we are there 🙂 Anthea and family

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