Chick Pics

Here are a few of our chicks from this year, all are about a week old in the pictures.

Azure-winged magpie chick

Azure-winged magpie

Little owl chick

Little owl


Blue-headed pionus


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  1. What stunning photos, it is amazing to see the detail of the primary feathers coming through on the magpie. A couple of questions:
    – with baby birds in the wild we are always told never to disturb the nest or handle chicks, as it will probably lead to desertion by the parents; are the birds at Tilgate so used to you that they don’t mind, or are these chicks you are having to hand-rear?
    – looking again at the magpie it looks as though the middle toe is much bigger & has an odd large claw; is this the case or is it just the camera? If it is larger, why is that, is it a deformity or grown like that for a specific reason?

    Thanks loads, Cathy xxx

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