Horsefield’s tortoise

Horsefield's tortoise

On show in the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ display are three 2011 hatched Horsefield’s tortoises. They are widely distributed from Russia to China. and Afghanistan. Across much of the range these small tortoises must survive long harsh winters and incredibly hot summers; they do this by hibernating during the winter and spending the hottest months in their burrows, so they may be active for as few as three months of the year.

Despite their large range they are listed as vulnerable species due to collection as food and for the pet trade, as well as loss of habitat to changes in farming.



  1. Hi Tilgate, I used to bring my son to Tilgate every week when he was a toddler. He is almost 18 now! Anyway, I remember your large enclosure of tortoises, before they all got stolen. I grew up with two tortoises, long dead now. Three years go I bought two Horsfields tortoises before researching properly. Indiana Jones, the larger of the two is a climber and intrepid explorer. Timmy is I is and shy and is am digger. They are kept in a large tortoise table, with a mix of coir and organic top soil substrate. They are bathed daily for ten minutes. Their diet is mainly weeds, picked daily, plus Sedum and Nemesia which they love, Florette crispy salad … Lambs lettuce and radicchio being favourite, and pak choi. They are both healthy.

    But, the long and short of it is that Indiana has now matured and has started to attack Timmy. We can separate them in the garden, but not in the house as we don’t have room for two tortoise tables.

    Poor little Timmy now has bruises on his neck. I am so worried about him.

    I think the only alternative is to have Indiana adopted. Therefore, would you be interested? We live in Haywards Heath. I am happy for you to come along to meet them and see them at home.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Hilary Silverman

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