Solomon Island Skink

Solomon island skink

These lizards inhabit the forests of the Solomon Islands where they spend their time high up in the tree canopy. They live in a small family group, know as a circulus,  and will defend their territory against other skinks.

Monkey-tailed skink

They normally spend the day hidden in tree hollows or amongst thick foliage where they are camouflaged by their mottled markings. The skinks emerge in the evening to feed on leaves.

Prehensile tail

To aid them as they move around the tree tops they have a prehensile tail which acts like a fifth limb, this had led to the being called monkey-tailed skinks.

Corucia zebrata

Unusually for reptiles the female will give birth to just one baby after a gestation of about seven months and when born this youngster is already almost half the size of its mother. This young skink will remain in its family group for several months during which time it will be protected by the adult lizards.






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