January Update

Work has been progressing well on the Discovery Room extension. Whilst the builders have been working on the indoor accommodation we have been clearing the surrounding area in preparation for creation of the outdoor enclosures.

Discovery Room extension early JanuaryDiscovery Room extension mid January

Also, currently under construction are raised planting beds and pergolas at the nature centre’s entrance. These will be used to display plants, such as herbs, that are used by humans. 

Entrance works

Earlier this month I took several birds, including northern shovelers and coscoroba swans, to Lotherton Bird Gardens just outside Leeds. This will enable them to make up some unrelated pairs.

Drake northern shoveler In exchange we received pairs of Cuban amazons, Hawaiian geese, Luzon bleeding-heart doves and a female Edwards’ pheasant. The amazon and doves are listed as near-threatened species, the geese are vulnerable and the Edwards’ pheasant is critically endangered..

Cuban amazon

I will post more about these new species over the next couple of weeks and hopefully, I’ll be able to get some better pictures of the amazons.

Hawaiian goose


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