Winter projects underway

For the last few weeks we have been working on the complete re-development of an area of the nature centre. This will house some new species as well as providing new enclosures for our existing red squirrels and the raven.

This project has involved dismantling aviaries, removing old fencing and vegetation clearance as well as significant ground works to improve drainage and create bases for new shelters.

Whilst the work is still on-going the area is staring to take shape as the pictures below show…

Reindeer stabling

Stabling / shelter area for reindeer

Reindeer stables

Early stages of 4m high aviaries for Terry the raven and snowy owls.

New raven avairy

Part of the accomadation for raccoon dogs.

Raccoon dog shelter

This shed will house observation bee hives.

Bee shed

In the New Year we will start work on the a couple of other enclosures, as well as installing new paths and seating as well as signage and themed planting.


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