Departures & Arrivals

Harvest Mouse

After a prolific breeding season we took four pairs of harvest mice to Wildwood Discovery Park in Kent. Their ability to breed quickly under good conditions is vital in the wild as they are predated on by many other animals, with most mice living for less than a year

There are currently more young harvest mice out and about in the Discovery Room enclosure. Also recently leaving the safety of their nest are two striped grass mice pups.

Young striped grass miceBelow is our raccoon dog, this new arrival has just completed his quarantine and will shortly be moving into his permanent enclosure. Originally from Japan and China they are now abundant in central and eastern Europe after introductions. These unique members of the dog family are often found near rivers and lakes where they will hunt fish and frogs. They have been farmed and hunted for their fur.

Raccoon dog

Eating fish


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