Baby Boom at Tilgate Nature Centre

Summer seems to have reached Tilgate Nature Centre and even if the weather doesn’t know it, the animals certainly do! There’s a baby boom down at the centre with a variety of chicks, pups and joeys making their first appearances.

Our red-necked wallabies have two joeys bouncing around. One is now too big to be carried in her mothers’ pouch but still likes to poke her head in to have a drink of milk!

Our cheer pheasants, listed as a vulnerable species, have four adorable stripy chicks who are doing very well and growing by the day.

We have also welcomed dwarf mongoose pups and two pygmy goat kids who our visitors have helped us name with a vote on our Facebook page – the winning names are Nellie and Nora!


Nellie & Nora
Nellie & Nora


We have welcomed two female potoroos who are now settling into the galah aviary in the Australasian Zone with our male. They are marsupials, just like kangaroos. As well as all our exciting animal news, we are proud to announce we have been awarded a BIAZA Gold Certificate of Conservation for rearing Fen raft spiders as part of a successful reintroduction programme. Thank you to all our visitors who come to Tilgate and make this conservation work possible, we hope to see you again soon!


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