Marvellous Madagascar!

As we slip into February spring doesn’t seem far away at all, and that’s very exciting for the Nature Centre team. Our new Madagascar Zone is opening on Saturday 1st April. We’ve still got lots of work to do but the new buildings for our new animals are well underway.

Builders Alex and Jay are hard at work!

We’re looking forward to welcoming ring-tailed lemurs, chameleons and a whole host of amazing Madagascan animals. We’re keen to represent each animal catergory – invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals – so they’ll be plenty to admire!

Who will be living in this new house?

Opening day celebrations begin at 11am with public talks and feeds, craft activities, quizzes, competitions and more – we’ll even be asking the public to help us name one of our lemurs!

Dumeril's boas
Bonnie and Clyde our Dumeril’s boas are looking forward to moving into their new house in the Madagascan Zone.

Madagascar is an incredibly unique island, home to some of the most peculiar animals in world. We’re very exciting to represent just a small selection here at the Nature Centre and to teach our visitors all about them. Make sure you put 1st April in your diary to come and join us for the grand opening!


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