Petrie the One-Eyed Wonder!

Petrie the One-Eyed Wonder!

Have you ever wondered why we have a magpie in an enclosure here at the Nature Centre? Why isn’t she out in the forest with the other magpies? Well, Petrie only has one eye and she was hand-reared so she can’t live out in the wild. Instead she lives in the European Zone with two friendly little owls!

Petrie is missing her right eye.

Petrie hatched in 2004 and was named after the pterodactyl character in the film The Land Before Time. Despite only having one eye Petrie is always on the lookout for food and fun! As members of the crow family, magpies are incredibly intelligent birds so we are always looking for ways to keep Petrie entertained.

Petrie’s namesake!

One of Petrie’s favourite things is her pink ball. We fill it with straw and leaves and then sprinkle worms and pieces of fruit inside. She picks the ball up and throws it or rolls it around on the floor to get the food out. She’ll then hide her hard-earned treats in one of several secret stashes so no-one can pinch them!

Petrie’s favourite toy!

Petrie is very friendly…and very nosy! She adores her keepers, sitting on their shoulders and chirping at them when they talk to her. She likes to get involved in cleaning and steals brushes and tools when her keepers are trying to do work in her aviary! She enjoys interacting with visitors too. When people walk by she flies to the front of her aviary to say hello. Magpies are beautiful birds with iridescent feathers that shimmer blue and green. As a female, Petrie’s tail is slightly shorter than a males’, but she is still very pretty and worth admiring!

Pretty Petrie strikes a pose!

So next time you visit don’t forget to stop by and say hello to Petrie. She loves receiving visitors and showing them her pink ball. She’ll even chirp at you if you talk to her! Forget the ‘One for sorrow…’ rhyme, pretty Petrie brings us nothing but joy!


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