Dinosaur Egg!

Ok, we tricked you, that isn’t a photo of a dinosaur egg… it is however a photo of an emu egg!

We often hear that our emus look like living dinosaurs and all of us here in the Nature Centre would have to agree. The long and scaly legs of an emu definitely look prehistoric and standing at a mighty 2metres tall these birds can look quite intimidating!

Our emus though are nothing of the sort. All three are very friendly and always make their characteristic deep rumbling noises at the keepers.

Emu Egg

The egg itself is a true giant in comparison to other birds’, here are the stats:

Height Weight
Chicken egg (large) 5.8cm 60g
Emu egg 13.5cm 610g

So an emu egg can weigh 10x more than a large chicken egg!!

Soon our new Madagascar exhibit will be opening and with it we’re celebrating all the unique species that live, or in the case of the elephant bird lived, on the island. The elephant bird is one of the largest birds to have ever walked on planet Earth – that’s right, they walked. Just like emus elephant birds were flightless and would use their long legs to run across the undergrowth.

If you want to find out how tall the elephant bird was and how their eggs compared to the size of the emu’s, then come and check out our new exhibit which opens on 1st April.

See you then!


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