Getting to know: Kenya

As part of our new Madagascar exhibit we have one of Africa’s beautiful cats; the serval. Even though they can’t be found on the island servals are widespread across the African continent and can be found in 35 countries! To acquaint you with our new arrival, here’s a few facts about him:

Name: KenyaServal 1

Species: Serval (Leptailurus serval)

D.O.B: 17.09.02

Height: 2ft (shoulder height)

Favourite Food: Rabbit

Favourite pastime: Chasing locust

5 facts about Servals:

  1. Servals can eat up to 4,000 rodents per year!

  2. They start to hunt at 6 months old and are independent when they reach a year.

  3. Being small, servals are often chased away from their food by larger predators like hunting dogs, lions, leopards, hyenas and sometimes caracals.

  4. Servals are the most efficient hunters of all cats catching prey on 48% of their hunts.

  5. With a small head, large ears, short tail and long legs the serval’s unusual appearance has given it the nickname ‘the cat of spare parts’.


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