A New Exhibit…

Over the last couple of years we’ve added an Australia Zone and a Madagascar Zone to the collection and now it’s time to expand once again! But what continents or countries do we now want to showcase? Well, we think it’s time for the Americas to step into the spotlight!

Work has already started on the far side of the Nature Centre to create the new exhibit and an opening date of Easter 2018 has been set!

We’re hoping to bring you the very best the two continents have to offer. When designing a new zone we like to have a few representatives of each group of vertebrates (birds, reptiles, mammals, fish and amphibians) and invertebrates (e.g. insects, crustaceans, molluscs) so there’ll be plenty to see!

We’ve been busy studying the Americas for a while and already have a good idea of what animals we’ll be able to display (but we’ll keep it a surprise until the opening day). We’re extremely excited because as well as continuing to house a number of species that we already kept in our collection from the Americas, a few extra species will be joining us that haven’t been seen in the Nature Centre before – this is very exciting for both visitors and staff!

We have also begun to design the interpretation (signage) that you’ll see around the Americas Zone. As well as containing information about some amazing animal species our signs will also focus on cultures found across both North and South America.  

Over the next few months we’ll update our blog and display board inside the Nature Centre with our progress, so keep an eye out!

P.S. all the animals which were housed where the building work is taking place have been moved to different enclosures – so don’t worry if the agoutis were some of your favourites, they’re temporarily living in our Madagascar house!



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