Getting to know: Kasem

If you enter the Nature Centre and turn left, some of the first animals you spot are our otters! We have a boisterous family of three: Kasem (Dad), Keshika (Mum) and Kookie (Daughter). In this post we’re going to focus on Kasem and share 5 otterly amazing facts!

Name: KasemKasem.png

Species: Asian short-clawed otter (Amblonyx cinereus)

D.O.B: 19.07.10

Length: 80cm

Favourite Foods: Trout for a main & peanuts for pudding

Favourite pastime: Chasing Sandra the keeper

5 facts about otters:

  • Small-clawed otters have nimble fingers so they can prize the shells of prey open (snails, mussels, clams).

  • Otters eat up to 25% of their bodyweight daily – that’s the equivalent of a human eating 160 quarter pounder burgers every day!

  • This species has been trained across Asia to help fisherman chorale fish into nets.

  • Otter bones are denser than most other mammals– this helps them to sink in water.

  • You are 7x more likely to see a wild otter in England now than you were 10 years ago. This is thanks to tighter pollution control and conservation work around the country.



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