New to adoptions – Rambony the ring-tailed lemur

Rambony can now be adopted online and at the shop when visiting! Rambony and Sadika are our mischievous ring-tailed lemurs! Like most ring-tailed lemurs they love to sunbathe and to eat, but they also love to hide. Their keeper Ciaran has to keep his wits about him, because these two like to team up and hide in a corner of their enclosure. There’ll be very quiet… And then suddenly two pairs of piercing eyes are staring out from their hiding place! They are inseparable; if you’ve found one of them, then you’ve probably found the other too!

Adoption is £32 for the year and includes:

  • Certificate of adoption
  • Cuddly toy of your adopted animal
  • Fact sheet about your adopted animal
  • Your name on the adoption board
  • A free entry voucher for the whole family

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