Here be dragons!

Forget fire-breathing dragons on Game of Thrones, we’ve got some water dragons here at the Nature Centre! We want to wish a wonderful St. George’s Day welcome… to Drogon and Rhaegal, our brand new pair of water dragons!

St George Water Dragons
This photo used up our entire effects budget

We’ve recreated St. George here, to celebrate St. George’s Day, but it turns out that they’re very friendly and so cute! They may not breathe fire, but if they feel threatened they can use their long tail to whip and lash! Their tails can make up two-thirds of their body length. Like their name suggests, they are strong swimmers. Those long tails are full of muscle and flattened at the sides, so helps them balance when swimming! They can stay underwater for up to 90 minutes; they eat underwater, sleep underwater and even poo underwater! What a cool creature!

Our water dragons will be joining the ranks of our education animals – what could be better than a real life dragon?

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