Happy World Tapir Day

Happy World Tapir Day!

Alf, our Brazilian tapir, is very special to us, so we thought he deserved a treat on his special day! Keeper Sam used all his best Bake Off knowledge to craft a beautiful veggie cake for Alf. Tapirs are herbivores, so this cake was made up of all sorts of vegetables with carrots as the icing on the cake so to speak! Tapir love a massage too, so we made sure he got a nice long scratch in – a spa day and a birthday all rolled into one! What a lucky animal!

Watch below to see what our very special judge thought of Sam’s efforts! (Click the HD button for the high definition Alf deserves to be seen in). #WorldTapirDay #TilgateNatureCinema


Our visitors got involved in all the fun too, with tapir talks and making tapir sock puppets. The braver amongst them also tried their hand at our ‘pee-shooter’ – using a water pistol to see if they could mark their territory with water like a tapir with pee! The braver still could have a go at catching tapir ‘poo’ from a pond like a real keeper. Tapirs poo in water so the smell of their poo doesn’t linger and attract predators. Makes for stinky pools though.

A World Tapir Day to remember for all our visitors and especially for Alf!

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