Terry the ‘Two-Eyed Raven’

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Don’t worry, no spoilers here! To give Terry our ‘two-eyed raven’ a treat on his birthday, we asked him to predict who will sit on the Iron Throne by the end of the show! Find out who he picked in this video! #GameofThrones
Our raven Terry was 25 a few days ago! Such long living animals need new stimuli in their lives to keep them active and engaged. Ravens, like all members of the crow family, are highly intelligent. They have complex social structures, can use tools and even recognize different human faces! In fact, some scientists think they rival apes and dolphins in terms of intelligence! Such smart animals need challenging enrichment, something to allow him to carry out natural behaviours, stimulate his mind and his flex his natural problem-solving skills. So we decided to put him to the test. He may think he’s seen it all, but we gave him something completely new in his enclosure.
We’re obsessed with Game of Thrones here at Tilgate. We may not have a ‘three-eyed raven’, like Bran Stark in the show, but we wondered if Terry in all his wisdom might have some powers of his own. Perhaps he has great foresight and clairvoyancy?
Three dragon eggs appeared in his enclosure. Each egg represented someone who could sit on the Iron throne – who could win the ‘Game of Thrones’ at the end of the show. Each egg also contains a birthday treat. In choosing one of the eggs, Terry could tell us who he predicted will rule Westeros. Could Terry work out that there was food to be found inside each one? And who did our ‘two-eyed raven’ foresee as ruler? Will his prediction come true?

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