Love Your Zoo week!

Do you love Tilgate Nature Centre? We certainly do and 25th May – 2nd June was ‘Love Your Zoo’ week! This is a week dedicated to celebrating everything we love about our zoo!

During the week, we ran special trails and pop-up activities, including ‘whose poo?’ where visitors had lots of fun trying to match a picture of an animal’s poo to the animal. Did you know wombats have cube-shaped poo?! Crazy stuff!

Tilgate Nature Centre isn’t just our zoo, it’s your zoo, so we wanted to take the opportunity to ask you, our visitors: what do you love about Tilgate Nature Centre and which animal is your favourite? You did a sterling job at being reporters and TV presenters – I think David Attenborough had better watch out, you’ll all give him a run for his money!

Check out what you said you loved about the Nature Centre and your picks for your favourite animal in the videos below!

See, such naturals on camera! Thanks for sharing your ideas and hopefully we will see you all back soon! We love our zoo and we hope you do too!






















































































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