Snakes in the Grass!

It’s all about snakes today!

Who has enjoyed going out and about for their exercise? Baldrick the royal python has too! We love this little guy and our donkeys weren’t using their secondary paddock, so we took Baldrick there for an adventure! He had a sssssuper time! Have a look in this video!


After that excitement, we had a real surprise: a grass snake! A wild grass snake was spotted by Karen, one of our keepers in (where else for a wild snake!) the Australia zone! You needn’t worry; grass snakes are not venomous. Of the three species of snake in the UK only the adder is venomous, so grass snakes are nothing to be scared of. After a quick bask next to the kookaburras the snake disappeared into the bushes. So cool to see!


Grass snake

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