Evolution Videos

Our new topic is evolution! What does that mean and how does it work? Who discovered it and what evidence is there to support it? Our first video for this topic is aimed at KS1 and lower KS2 and is our first Tilgate Tales storyime! Our story takes us back in time two hundred years to go fossil hunting on the shore of the Jurassic Coast with Mary Anning! We then follow Charles Darwin as his observations help him work out how natural selection acts to drive evolution. You can find this topic’s activities over on our Home Education Resources page: including a look at discovering dinosaurs, phonics practice, writing letters to Darwin and making observations of your own just like him! What will you discover?



If you find fossils fascinating then you might also enjoy this talk all about fossils. This was one of our live talks, which you can enjoy here:


If any of these videos do not play, then please notify us by email on tilgate@crawley.gov.uk and we will do our best to fix them.

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