Gold BIAZA Sustainability Award!

We are delighted to have won a Gold BIAZA Sustainability Award at Tilgate Nature Centre! Thank you to all our visitors who have supported our work and taken part in our sustainability activities!

This sustainability award comes from the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). The BIAZA Annual Awards showcase a wide range of exciting projects from BIAZA zoos and aquariums

We picked up the award for its STAR (Switch To A Reusable) and Zoostainability campaigns. Zoostainability is an initiative to raise awareness of overall sustainability issues and STAR, Switch To A Reusable, more specifically on encouraging behaviour change to ditch disposable items and use reusables. Through the creation of a sustainability movement, our visitors were encouraged to consider more sustainable choices in their everyday life. We created fun, interactive activities for visitors on sustainable palm oil and litter pollution, 3D signage and a pledge tree.

BIAZA said: “Visitors engaged with the various activities and 70.8 per cent of 388 visitors were able to retain information on sustainability. As a council-run zoo in a large park this movement has had the opportunity to make a far-reaching impact.”

Councillor Chris Mullins, Cabinet member for Wellbeing at Crawley Borough Council, said: “This is great news for Tilgate Nature Centre, Tilgate Park and the council. The award is testament to the hard work and dedication of nature centre staff. As well as caring for a wide range of animals, they look for ways to operate more sustainably and this award reflects that.”

We were very honoured to be given this prestigious award and we hope to continue to raise awareness of sustainability in the future. We will be running the second ‘phase’ of the STAR campaign – ‘STAR At Home’ – this October half term, focussing on how you can be more sustainable around your house! Find out more about our Becoming Zoostainable initiative on our About Us tab.

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