‘STAR At Home’ on Halloween!

It’s Halloween! Trick or treating may be off the table, but dressing up certainly isn’t! One way to be a little bit more sustainable is to get more uses out of something before you throw it away! Here are three very easy, very quick costumes you can make out of what would otherwise be thrown away!

1) A torn T-shirt makes an excellent skeleton costume! Just pop it over a black t shirt and you’re bone…. err done!

2) Got a broken umbrella! Save it for October to make authentic looking bat wings! Just fix a spoke to your arm and back and you’re flying!

3) Even offcuts can be useful! If you had a go at making our t shirt bag yesterday, you may have a pair of sleeves and a neck line left from your t shirt! Pop those over your head for a quick and easy dog costume! Check out those spaniel ears! Add a cute nose for the perfect freaky Fido costume!

It’s easy to be a STAR At Home, even during holidays and festivals! Christmas is coming quickly – can you think of a way to be a Christmas STAR At Home?

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