Animal Adoptions

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A Great Gift!

Are you an animal lover or know a friend who is? Why not adopt one of our wonderful animals or buy it as a unique gift? By adopting an animal for a payment of £35 (including a cuddly toy) for a premium adoption or £30 (without a cuddly toy) for a standard adoption you are helping to support our conservation work and care of our animals.

Our Adoption Packages Include:

  • Certificate of adoption
  • Fact sheet about your adopted animal
  • Your name on the adoption board
  • A free entry voucher for the whole family
  • Cuddly toy of your adopted animal (premium adoptions only)

Adoption Animals

The following animals are available for premium or standard adoptions:

  • Meerkat – Montgomery
  • Otter – Kasem
  • Snowy owl – Gustav
  • Shetland pony – Nutmeg
  • Donkey – Jimmy
  • Reindeer – Freya
  • Chattering lory – Buddy
  • Ring tailed lemur – Rambony
  • Capybara – Clarence
  • Alpaca – Bob

The following animals are available for a standard adoption:

  • Brazilian tapir – Alf

How to adopt an animal

Adoptions can be paid for over the phone by calling us on 01293 521168. Alternatively you can arrange to adopt an animal during a visit to the Nature Centre in our gift shop.