Animal Adoptions

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A Great Gift!

Are you an animal lover or know a friend who is? Why not adopt one of our wonderful animals or buy it as a unique gift? By adopting an animal for a payment of £32 (including a cuddly toy) for a premium adoption or £25 (without a cuddly toy) for a standard adoption you are helping to support our conservation work and care of our animals.

Our Adoption Packages Include:

  • Certificate of adoption
  • Fact sheet about your adopted animal
  • Your name on the adoption board
  • A free entry voucher for the whole family
  • Cuddly toy of your adopted animal (premium adoptions only)

Adoption Animals

The following animals are available for premium or standard adoptions:

  • Meerkat – Montgomery
  • Otter – Kasem
  • Snowy owl – Gustav
  • Shetland pony – Nutmeg
  • Donkey – Jimmy
  • Reindeer – Freya
  • Chattering lory – Buddy
  • Ring tailed lemur – Rambony
  • Pig – Matilda
  • Capybara – Clarence
  • Alpaca – Bob

The following animals are available for a standard adoption:

  • Serval – Kofi
  • Brazilian tapir – Alf

How to adopt an animal

Fill out the adoption form below and return it to the Nature Centre. Adoptions can be paid for via cheque or over the phone by calling us on 01293 521168. Alternatively you can arrange to adopt an animal during a visit to the Nature Centre in our gift shop.

Animal Adoption Form