Our Animals

Here at Tilgate Nature Centre, we have an array of animals from all over the world!

Americas Zone

Our brand new Americas Zone features a range of species from North and South America. Alf, our Brazilian tapir, can be found in a mixed exhibit with rhea and Lola the capybara. Next door, you can meet Diego, our coati, as well as our burrowing owls and red-footed tortoises. Large aviaries house a variety of parrots such as green-winged and military macaws, blue-throated, pearly and sun conures and caiques, alongside scarlet ibis,  helmeted curassow and various duck species. Our reptile house hosts several snakes, including Jamaican boa, as well as anole lizards, spiders, fish and dart frogs.

Africa Zone

Our Africa Zone is the home of our meerkat mob, led by the dominant male and female, Montgomery and Priscilla. Malek, Malika, our pair of hornbills, call nearby from their aviary, while yellow and dwarf mongooses can be seen running about their enclosures. Inside the adjoining discovery zone, you can get up close and personal with striped mice, pancake tortoises, spiny-tailed lizards and the spiny-tailed iguana. Our serval cat recently passed away, but we’re currently waiting on a new arrival so watch this space!

Madagascar Zone

Our Madagascar Zone transports you to the unusual wildlife of the island of Madagascar. Boas, panther chameleons and radiated tortoises will greet you as you approach our lemur enclosure, where the notoriously cheeky Rambony and Sadika can be found either eating or sunbathing. Our aviary houses egrets and greater vasa parrots, as well as a range of endemic ducks including Madagascar and hottentot teal and white-faced whistling ducks. Madagascar hissing cockroaches, golden mantilla frogs, geckos and fish such as damba complete your tour of this long-isolated island ecosystem.

Europe Zone

Our Europe Zone is home to a variety of species from our own continent. Largest of these are our reindeer, who are most commonly found grazing in their paddock. Our family of raccoon dogs are often smelt before they’re seen (they’re very pongy creatures) but at meal times these bundles of fur are hard to miss. We also have a considerable array of owls in this zone, including the gorgeous snowy owls, graceful barn owls and adorable little owls. They are kept far away from our harvest mice – the owls’ ideal prey! Last of all is Terry, our famous talking raven, who is something of a YouTube sensation! See if you can get him to talk to you when you visit; he says ‘hello Terry,’ and ‘come on!’ If he talks, then you know he likes you! Beyond Europe is a large aviary showcasing ibis alongside other birds.

Australasia Zone

Some bonza wildlife from Down Under awaits you in the Australasia Zone. Grey kangaroo and Bennet’s wallaby bound around their paddocks, while the prehistoric-looking emu stalks through the outback forest. That loud, raucous, laughing noise that you’ve heard from across the Nature Centre comes from the kookaburras, aided in their racket-making by the lorikeets and galahs. When the din isn’t quite so loud, tiny long-nosed potoroos and parma wallabys can be seen scampering and hopping around on the floor.

Domestic Zone

Our Domestic Zone is where you can meet some of mankind’s closest companions. From the friendly donkeys and their mischievous Shetland pony companions to the pygmy goats and squealing pigs, there’s always some friendly faces coming up to the fence to say hello. Our alpaca herd has swelled in number recently as we’ve welcomed several babies, or ‘cria’, and if that isn’t enough cuteness for you, our guinea pigs and rabbits are happy to pick up the slack!

Asia Zone

Our Asia Zone has some of the most beloved animals in the Centre; Buddy the yellow-backed chattering lory and our Asian short-clawed otter family. The otters are very playful, calling to each other and playing with pebbles together. Buddy can talk and has learned a whole host of phrases, which never fail to put a smile on everyone’s face. She loves being the centre of attention, so make sure to have a chat with her during your visit. If you’re lucky, as you regretfully move on you’ll hear a ‘bub-bye’ come your way! Completing our Asia Zone are aviaries where you can spot a range of beautiful pheasants, finches and small doves.

Tilgate Nature Centre is always expanding, so please do come again!


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