Tapir Time

Would you like to meet one of the world’s most curious looking animals? Tapir Time at Tilgate Nature Centre allows you to meet a Brazilian Tapir up close!

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What does the experience involve?

You’ll be able to go into Alf the tapir’s enclosure, meet Alf, feed him some treats, give him a brush and lay some food out for his roommates. Alf shares his enclosure with a capybara called Clarence and Bob and Naz the alpacas. You’ll be guided by a keeper who can tell you all about the behaviour and care of Alf and his friends. The experience will last approximately 15 minutes.

Who is the experience for?

Tapir Time is available for anyone above the age of eight years old. Please note that this is not negotiable.

Tapir Time is an accessible experience. A ramp has been installed to make the enclosure suitable for wheelchairs.  

How much does it cost?

Tapir time costs £35 per person taking part in the experience.

A parent or guardian must accompany a child under 16 years old and will be admitted into the Nature Centre free of charge. Please note that this does not mean an adult gets to take part in the experience for free but instead means they are there to supervise the experience.

What should I wear?

Appropriate footwear: trainers, walking boots or wellies. If it’s been raining you can expect the enclosure to be boggy in areas! Open-toed shoes are a no no, so please bring a spare pair of shoes if it’s a sunny day!

Appropriate clothing: wear long trousers to keep your legs covered. If it’s a sunny day you can change straight back into your shorts after the experience in one of the Nature Centre toilets.

How to book

Tapir Time takes place every day at 2pm (during the summer) and 2.30pm (during the winter) with a maximum of two people per experience. Each booking is exclusive, meaning you won’t be sharing your experience with anyone outside of your party. Please book at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment. Vouchers are available and valid for a year after purchase.

For more information or to book, please call 01293 521168 or email tilgate@crawley.gov.uk. You can pay for your experience over the phone using a credit or debit card.